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NHL Development Camp

23 Riders at NHL Development Camps

By Aimee Hunt, 07/06/18, 2:30PM CDT


NHL Development Camp

The Cedar Rapids RoughRiders are proud to announce that 23 players have been selected to participate in NHL Development camps

NHL Development Camps

Anaheim Ducks:
Scott Moldenhauer (AHL contract)

Boston Bruins:
Dustyn McFaul (6th Round Draft pick 2018)

Buffalo Sabres:
Andrew Oglevie (NHL contract)

Carolina Hurricanes:
Matt Filipe (3rd Round Draft pick 2016)

Columbus Blue Jackets:
Jack Ahcan (Invite)
Justin Wade (Invite)

Detroit Red Wings:
Luke Morgan (Invite)

Florida Panthers:
Karch Bachman (5th Round Draft pick 2015)
Joe Wegwerth (4th Round Draft pick 2014)

Los Angeles Kings:
Riese Zmolek (Invite)

New York Islanders:
Michael Babcock (Invite)

New York Rangers:
Dylan Mclaughlin (Invite)

Pittsburgh Penguins: 
Andrew Gaus (Invite)
Aidan McDonough (Invite)

Tampa Bay Lightning:
Ross Colton (4th Round Draft pick 2016)

Las Vegas Golden Knights:
Charlie Curti (Invite)
Jiri Patera (6th Round Draft pick 2017)

Winnipeg Jets:
Justin Lee (Invite)
Nathan Smith (3rd Round Draft Pick 2018)

St Louis Blues:
Mitch Reinke (FA signed)
Erik Foley (3rd Round Draft Pick 2015 of Winnipeg)
Hugh McGing (5th Round Draft pick 2018)
Scott Perunovich (2nd Round Draft pick 2018)